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Statement of intent

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Submitting personal information

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Users under 18

If you are under 18, please get your parent or guardian’s permission before you provide personal information to the AskMalawi.tv website. Users without this consent are not allowed to provide us with personal information.

Who are we?

AskMalawi.tv is facilitated by The Fairtrade Foundation which is a trade justice charity based in the United Kingdom.

AskMalawi.tv welcomes posts to the interactive elements of the website (including questions) and to related social media pages. For the purpose of the Terms of Use, ‘post’ can refer to a posted question, discussion board, a blog post, an online debate, a Q&A session or other submission.

AskMalawi.tv will moderate all comments submitted. We reserve the right to remove any post, or submitted question without further comment or notice to you.

We reserve the right to remove the access of any individual who has abused The Fairtrade Foundation’s web services, breached the Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use and/or persistently submitted inappropriate material.

In exceptional circumstances, The Fairtrade Foundation could be legally obliged to reveal your registration information and/or IP address to the police.

In order to participate in any interactive feature on this site, we ask that you observe the Terms of Use, including the following Participants’ Rules.

Participants’ Rules

Please be considerate of other participants. Do not post personal attacks on other participants.

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Do not submit anything that may infringe another’s rights, including intellectual property rights.

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